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Victron/Renogy/EPEVER/Outback/MidNite Charge Controllers

Victron vs Renogy Vs EPEVER vs OutBack vs MidNite solar charge controller
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A solar charger gathers energy from your solar panels and stores it in your batteries. In my research for the best MPPT solar charge controllers, I discovered that there were 5 names that I just met over and over again. They manufacture many MPPT charge controllers with various ratings. In this article, I compare them. Enjoy the competition: Victron vs. Renogy vs. EPEVER vs. Outback vs. MidNite solar charge controller.

In this comparison, I will be comparing the 60 MPPT Solar charge controllers from these companies, and then I will highlight all the other solar charge controllers they have.

You can follow the link if you want to have a full overview of the Best MPPT solar charge controllers.

Victron vs Renogy vs EPEVER vs Outback vs MidNite Solar Charge controller 60A MPPT Comparison.

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How to select a Solar Charge Controller – What size Solar Charge Controller Do I need?

There are two significant values you need to know before buying a solar charge controller. They are:

  1. What is the voltage size of your battery array and inverter?
  2. What is the maximum current your solar panel array can deliver?

This video explains it very well.

Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Victron Energy is a Dutch company that makes outstanding products. All of their charge controllers come with a 5-year warranty. Victron was founded in 1975, which means they are 45yrs old this year. You can be sure they would be here for many more years.

Check for Lab test certification in this Victron document.

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EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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Renogy MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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OutBack MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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MidNite Solar Charge Controllers

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