Hello! My name is Ade but a lot of people know me as Dems (My nickname).

Welcome to Solar Know How. My goal for this site is to provide you with comprehensive information on installing and using solar panels for your home, RV boat or other off-grid applications. Solar energy can easily be converted to electricity to power all the electrical devices in your home. This is usually achieved with solar panels.

At Solar Know How, our goal is to present information that anyone can understand especially if you are new to the renewable energy or solar power community. We have discovered over the years that once you start enjoying the benefits of using the freely available solar energy, it’s difficult to look back. I am almost certain that once you buy one solar panel, you will buy another and many other devices. I hope that you will find adequate information that you need to install the first set of solar panels for your home.

Check out the list of pages that we have. This is a growing website. I hope to place a new blog post every week so that within the next 6 months we would have all the information that you (the average homeowner, RV OR boat owner) will need to start.

Enjoy reading!