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Solar Panel Kit Overview

A 1000-watt solar panel kit with the right inverter and battery bank will provide an off-grid solution.

Solar Power Systems are expensive when you compare them to grid-supplied power, but in my opinion, they are less costly than generators for most off-grid applications.

This article describes a 1000-watt solar kit, which I’ll refer to as a 1KW Solar Panel Kit or a 1KW Solar Panel System.

There are several companies that provide off-grid kits and good support, and I’ll discuss these in more detail in this article.

I will also provide examples of estimated costs.

Planning Your Solar System Needs

Planning your Solar System needs is critical, and I’ll assume you have done this since you have determined you need a 1KW Solar Panel System. In case you still have any questions though, below is a good video to that will help you size your system and it’s components. The video is about 15 minutes, and provides great information for beginners and DIY solar enthusiasts.

Why a 1000 Watt Solar Panel?

You do not need a 1000 watt solar panel kit to start your journey off-grid, but a kit this size is a great start!  This size solar panel kit will provide enough power during the day while also charging batteries to be used at night. If a 1,000-watt kit is a big leap, you might also consider a 500 Watt solar panel kit.

How Much Energy Will a 1,000 Watt Kit Generate?

Many solar panel kits are 24-volt systems. While you can use a 1000 watt solar panel system with a 12-volt system, the downside is that you will be drawing more current from your batteries and will lose power when your battery cables heat up.

A 1000 watt solar panel system does not mean you have 1000 watts to use. The 1000 watt rating refers to the amount of power that will be returned to your battery bank from the sunlight.

A 1000 watt solar panel system will deliver 1000 watts to your batteries every hour that the sun is directly over the panels. Depending on your location and time of year, you will get an average of 5 – 12 hours of sunlight daily.

This means your 1000 watt solar panel kit can theoretically deliver 5,000 – 12,000 watts of power to your battery bank. In practice, estimate 50-70% of that amount. The sun is only directly over your panels for about 1 hour each day. The rest of the day is at an angle, and your panels will not deliver the total 1000 watts.

What Can I Actually Run?

You can run a lot of appliances with a 1kw Solar Panel System. For example, one of the systems in the video below runs a 6000 BTU window air conditioner, washing machine, and other electronics for 10hrs daily.

I would suggest you run your appliances as little as possible during the day so that your batteries have plenty of power for the evening when you are home the most.

What Size Solar Panels Should I Consider?

Right now, there are no single 1,000-watt solar panels on the market. There are a few 400 Watt solar panels on the market, and recently single 500-watt solar panels hit the market (2020).

How then would you get your 1000 watt solar panel system? You can do this by combining panels and purchasing efficient solar panels that generate increased output in a smaller footprint.

With a combination of solar panels, you can achieve a 1,000-watt system. You can read more about solar panel sizes below.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you choose your solar panels.

  • The amount of space you have for solar panels is important. Less space will require more efficient panels.
  • Do you plan to expand your solar system in the future? There is a good chance you will if this is your first system.
  • Durability – This is important if you will be remote. Check the warranty and make sure your panels meet durability standards.

How Many Batteries Do I Need for a 1000-watt Solar System?

I suggest you consider at least a 200AH battery bank. This means you can run 12 x 200 watts of power for 1 hour or 200Watts for 12hrs. This also depends on how deeply you deplete your batteries. Most deep cycle batteries can only be drained up to 50% of their rating. This means that you can run 100 watts for 12hrs on a 200AH battery bank.

A new type of deep cycle battery called the LiFePO4 battery can be depleted deeper and still be charged. They are more expensive but far more efficient.

A 200AH Battery bank can be achieved with two 100AH batteries or four 50AH batteries. You can also buy one 200AH battery that is a 24V battery. I suggest you choose a 24V 1000 watt (1kw) solar panel system.

Examples of 1000-watt Solar Panel Installations

The components below are not the exact components used in the video, but they are examples of components you will need to build your solar system.

Cables and woodwork will cost extra, but the components above provide a good general estimate of the cost. The 1000 watt kit from Goosun comes with a solar charge controller.

1000-watt Solar Panel Installation (actually 1200 watts) in Phoenix, Arizona

Components needed to build a similar System. This is if you want to build your own solar power kit.

This system runs a 6000 BTU window air conditioner, washing machine and other electronics for 10hrs daily.

Build your own 1000 Watt Solar Panel system.

Below is a sample 1000-watt solar panel setup. It is more than 1000 watts (1,280W), and you can always change the pieces as you desire. The components I have listed are robust and would complete a very good system.

Photo Title Buy
Renogy 4pcs 320...image Renogy 4pcs 320 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel System Kit Off Grid for Shed Farm, Home, Residential, Commercial House, 320W, 4 Pieces Check Price
ECO-WORTHY 4 String...image ECO-WORTHY 4 String PV Combiner Box with Lightning Arreste, 10A Rated Current Fuse and Circuit Breakers for On/Off Grid Solar Panel System Check Price
OutBack Power FM60-150VDC...image OutBack Power FM60-150VDC FLEXMax 60 Charge Controller Check Price
GIANDEL 4000W Heavy...image GIANDEL 4000W Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC24V to AC120V with 4 AC Outlets with Remote Control 2.4A USB and LED Display Check Price
ExpertPower 24V 100Ah...image ExpertPower 24V 100Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery | 2500-7000 Life Cycles & 10-Year lifetime | Built-in BMS | Trolling Motor, RV, Solar, Marine, Overland, Off-Grid Check Price

The 1000-watt solar panel kits below are all high quality kits by well-known manufacturers.

12 Volts – 1000 watt Solar Panel Kit with Inverter and Battery Bank.

Renogy 1200 Watt Solar Panel Kit

Renogy 1000-watt solar panel kit

The Renogy Kit is a good package but does not include a battery or inverter like many other kits. Reviews are generally positive, and currently, 4 and 5-star reviews comprise 88% of all reviews.

Package Includes

  • 4 x Renogy 320W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • 1 x MidNite Classic MPPT Charge Controller-150
  • 1 x Midnite Solar Combiner Box MNPV6
  • 2 x MidNite Solar 15A-150 Circuit Breaker
  • 1 x MidNite Breaker MNEDC100
  • 1 x MidNite MNEDC- Quad Enclosure
  • 1 x Renogy 8ft 8AWG Stranded & 2 x 40ft 10AWG Adaptor Kit
  • 1 x Renogy 16ft 4AWG Tray Cable & 1 x 8ft 4AWG THHN & 1 x 8ft 4AWG Double Ring

ECO-WORTHY 1KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter

Eco-Worthy 1000-watt solar panel kit

Eco-Worthy makes a good product. The biggest complaint, based on reviews, is with their ability to ship the products intact. Although there are numerous complaints about receiving broken components, feedback also indicates that Eco-Worthy is quick to ship any replacements needed. Reviews are generally positive, and currently, 4 and 5-star reviews comprise 75% of all reviews. Note that this misleading since some positive reviews are mistakenly given low rankings in some instances.

Package Includes

  • 6 pcs 195W Solar Panel
  • 1 pc 3.5KW Inverter with Remote Controller & 6.5ft Cable
  • 1 pc 60A Charge Controller
  • 2 pcs 100AH Battery
  • 2 pcs 16.4′ 12AWG Solar Cable
  • 6 sets Z Mounting Bracket

Goosun 1000-watt Solar Panel Kit

Goosun 1000-watt solar panel kit

Goosun appears to be new to the Amazon platform. There are no reviews yet, and they don’t do a very good job listing their components. The picture and title don’t match what they state the package includes.

After piecing together the details in the description, the above looks to be accurate. It would be great to hear from anyone who used the Goosun kit since I could find no good reviews anywhere on-line.

Package Includes

  • 6pcs 160W Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • 6-string combiner box
  • 60A PWM Charge Controller
  • 1pc 12V 100Ah lead-acid Battery
  • ?pc Mounting Brackets

More Solid Solar Panel Kits

Photo Title Buy
ECO-WORTHY 800W 24V...image ECO-WORTHY 800W 24V Solar Panel Off Grid System Kit with Battery: 8pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel + 1500W 24V-110V Inverter + 200Ah Battery + 60A PWM Charge Controller for RV, Boats, Homes Check Price
ECO-WORTHY 800 Watts...image ECO-WORTHY 800 Watts Solar Panel Off Grid RV Boat Kit: 8pcs 100W Solar Panels + 60A PWM Charger Controller + 16Ft Solar Cable + Z Mounting Brackets Check Price
ECO-WORTHY 1KW Complete...image ECO-WORTHY 1KW Complete Solar Panel System Kit with Battery and Inverter for Homes House Shed Farm Check Price
XINPUGUANG 100w Flexible...image XINPUGUANG 100w Flexible Solar Panels 24V 1000W Solar System Kit Monocrystalline Cell Module 45A Controller 2000W Inverter for Off Grid Battery Charger for Cabin RV Boat Trailer Check Price
ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off...image ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit 24V Complete Solar System with 12pcs 195W Solar Panel and 3000W Inverter and 6 String Combiner Box and 60A Controller and 4pcs 100AH Battery Check Price
ECO-Worthy 3900W 15KWH/Day...image ECO-Worthy 3900W 15KWH/Day Grid Tie Complete Solar Panel System Kit: 20pcs 195W Solar Panel + 5KW Grid Tie Inverter + Solar Cable Check Price


Can I purchase and install my own solar panels?

The simple answer is yes. There are many things to consider before you purchase your system. What size do you need? What components are needed? How much room do you have for panels? These are just a few questions, but with the evolution of Solar Technology, it is becoming easier to do it yourself with more resources to consult.

How much will a DIY solar system cost?

The 1,000k kits above cost anywhere from $2,000 – $3,300, and costs vary based on components included – panels, battery, charge controller, inverter, etc. In addition to these parts of the system you will need racking for the batteries, cabling, etc. These can add up, so make sure you plan out and price your system prior to purchasing.

Do you really save money with solar panels?

Solar panels will definitely save you money on your electric bills, but this depends on where you are located (peak sun hours) and what type of system you install.

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