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The Best 1000-Watt Solar Panel Kit (1KW) – Off-Grid Application | SolarKnowHow

Solar Panel Kit

Solar Panel Kit Overview

A 1000-watt solar panel kit with the right size inverter and battery bank will provide an excellent off-grid solution for essential appliances and devices.

This post discusses planning for a 1000W system and items to consider before purchasing. Planning is a critical step and can be the difference between a system that works or wastes time and money.

Solar Kit Details


Renogy 800 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Premium Kit Off Grid System 8pcs 100W Solar Panel with 60A MPPT Rover Charger Controller, Bluetooth Module for RV, Boats, Home, Farm
Renogy offers their kits directly or through Amazon. Both have sales frequently so check the pricing for each before purchasing.
  • Uses Midnite Solar Components
  • Comprehensive Kit offers a premium version with three batteries
  • Provides a racking installation kit
  • Only the premium kit offers batteries
Shop Amazon Shop Renogy

The 1,200W system from Renogy is a comprehensive solar kit that you will have to purchase directly from Renogy.

Components: 4x320W Solar Panels, MidNite Classic MPPT Charge Controller- 150, MidNite Solar Combiner Box MNPV6, 2xMidNite Solar 15A-150 Circuit Breaker, MidNite Breaker MNEDC100, MidNite MNEDC- Quad Enclosure, 8ft 8AWG Stranded and 40ft 10AWG AK, 4AWG Tray Cable and 4AWG THHN and 4AWG Double Ring.

Renogy also provides a racking kit; if you order the premium kit, you get 3x100AH batteries with a wiring cable.

Midnite solar has an excellent reputation and makes solid products, which is one of the things I like about this solar kit.

Shopsolarkits 1200W DIY Solar Kit
This is a very complete solar kit offered by Not only are the accessories provided, but unlike many other vendors they offer very comprehensive instructions.
  • Complete system with about all you need for installation
  • These are some of the most comprehensive instructions you will find
  • Excellent customer service to help you through the whole installation
  • More expensive in some instances
Shop Shopsolarkits

Solar kits are what does, and they pride themselves on excellent customer service and detailed instructions.

This solar kit offers everything you need for an install except mounting brackets and rails.

Components are quality made, and they have three distribution centers here in the United States, where their corporate headquarters are also located, so faster ship times and reduced damages are an advantage.

Components: 6 x 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panels (or 8 x 100W Panel / Rigid or Folding) – 25 Year Power Output Warranty, Choice of AGM or Lithium (LiFePO4) battery bank: 5-10 Year Warranty, 1 x 3,000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 120 AC (9,000W surge), 1 x 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 1 x 15A inline fuse kit (MC4), 1 x 60A inline fuse kit, 1 x 200A inline fuse kit, 1 x Entry Gland, 1 x 50ft – 10 AWG Cables MC4 (Male/Female) to Bare SET, 1 x 3ft – 4/0 AWG ring lugs SET 5/16″, 1 x 1ft – 4/0 AWG ring lugs RED 5/16″, 1 x 3ft – 4 AWG Cables Bare to Ring Lug SET 5/16″, 1 x 1ft – 4 AWG Cables ring lugs RED 5/16″, 1 x 1ft – 4/0 AWG ring lugs SET 5/16″, 2 x 1ft – 1/0 AWG ring lugs RED 5/16″, 6 x Sets of Solar Panel Z-Bracket for mounting solar panels, Custom Wiring Diagram and Setup Instructions

This is an excellent system for small off-grid cabins, power backups, or a mid-size RV / mobile business office. This kit comes with 4 x 100ah AGM batteries providing 200ah of the useable battery capacity or about 2.4kWh of the useable battery bank. The additional 1,200-watt solar panels will generate 1.2kw of power per hour while the sun shines.


ECO-WORTHY 1.6KWH Solar Panel Kit 400W 24V Solar Power System

ECO-WORTHY 1600W Complete Solar Panel Kit with 2.4KWh Battery Pack and Inverter for Homes House Shed Farm.

  • This is a comprehensive kit that also includes batteries, display, inverter, and mounting accessories
  • Prices are reasonable, and there are always sales
  • Many owners rave about service and products, and Eco-worthy is a popular manufacturer
  • This seller is sometimes hard to reach, and instructions are not as comprehensive as other manufacturers
  • Shipping is sometimes spread out, and packaging is not always the best, so check your products
Shop Amazon Shop Eco-Worthy

Eco-Worthy owners often love their Eco-Worthy products and service. There have been complaints about customer service in the past, but it seems to have improved in the last year with more positive feedback and reviews.

This particular kit is comprehensive and includes many components you will need for installation, but make sure you have a plan and list of what you will need for the project.

The kit listed here is a 1200W system on Amazon and a 1000W system on Eco-Worthy’s site. Eco-Worthy also has regular sales, so check the Eco-Worthy website before purchasing your kit.

Components: 6x195W Solar Panels, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 3500W Pure Sine Inverter, 2 x 100AH Gel Batteries, 2 pcs 16.4′ 12AWG Solar Cable, 6 sets Z Mounting Bracket, 2 pcs Y-Branch Cable, 1 pc Controller-to-Battery Cable, 4 pcs Battery-to-Battery Cable, 1 pc Solar Cable with Connector,1 pc 150A Fuse.

This is a good system for a small cabin, barn, backup power, etc. The 3500 inverter will provide 7000 watts of peak power for appliances, and the inverter has safety checks in place to prevent overloads, etc.


Goosun 1000 Watt Solar System Solar Panel Kit Off Grid

This kit is in the same range as other kits listed, and does appear to have good components, although not quite as many as the other kits. This kit will require additional accessories and an inverter.

  • Includes a PV Combiner
  • No inverter is included
  • Will need additional accessories for installation
  • There is not much feedback found on this kit
Shop Amazon

This is a tough kit to review, but I wanted to include it because it offers good components and panels.

Components: 6x160W Monocrystalline Solar Panel, 6 String Combiner Box, 1x12V 100AH lead-acid battery, 4xZ Brackets

Although Goosun does not have a significant e-commerce presence here in the states, it does have a good industry reputation.

Planning Your Solar System Needs

Planning your Solar System needs is essential, and if you are trying to narrow down exactly what you need, I’ve included what I consider one of the better videos below.

The video is about 15 minutes long and will help you size your system and its components.

Why a 1000 Watt Solar Panel?

You do not need a 1000-watt solar panel kit to start your journey off-grid, but a kit this size is a good start. This size solar panel kit will provide enough power during the day while also charging batteries to be used at night. If a 1,000-watt kit is a big leap, you might consider a 500 Watt solar panel kit.

How Much Energy Will a 1,000 Watt Kit Generate?

Many solar panel kits are 24-volt systems. While you can use a 1000-watt solar panel system with a 12-volt system, the downside is that you will draw more current from your batteries and lose power when your battery cables heat up.

A 1000-watt solar panel system does not mean you have 1000 watts to use. Instead, the 1000 watt rating refers to the amount of power returned to your battery bank from the sunlight.

A 1000-watt solar panel system will deliver 1000 watts to your batteries every hour the sun is directly over the panels. So, depending on your location and time of year, you will get an average of 5 – 12 hours of sunlight daily.

This means your 1000-watt solar panel kit can theoretically deliver 5,000 – 12,000 watts of power to your battery bank. In practice, estimate 50-70% of that amount. The sun is only directly over your panels for about 1 hour daily. The rest of the day, the sun is at an angle, and your panels will not deliver the total 1000 watts.

What Size Solar Panels Should I Consider?

Right now, there are no single 1,000-watt solar panels on the market. Instead, there are a few 400 Watt solar panels on the market, and recently single 500-watt solar panels hit the market (2020).

How then would you get your 1000-watt solar panel system? You can combine panels and purchase efficient solar panels that generate increased output in a smaller footprint.

With a combination of solar panels, you can achieve a 1,000-watt system.

There are a few things to remember as you choose your solar panels.

  • The amount of space you have for solar panels is important. Less space will require more efficient panels.
  • Do you plan to expand your solar system in the future? There is a good chance you will if this is your first system.
  • Durability – This is important if you will be remote. Check the warranty and make sure your panels meet durability standards.

How Many Batteries Do I Need for a 1000-watt Solar System?

I suggest you consider at least a 200AH battery bank. This means you can run 12 x 200 watts of power for 1 hour or 200Watts for 12hrs. This also depends on how deeply you deplete your batteries. Most deep cycle batteries can only be drained up to 50% of their rating. This means you can run 100 watts for 12hrs on a 200AH battery bank.

A new type of deep cycle battery called the LiFePO4 battery can be depleted deeper and still be charged. As a result, they are more expensive but more efficient.

A 200AH Battery bank can be achieved with two 100AH batteries or four 50AH batteries. You can also buy one 200AH battery that is a 24V battery.


Can I purchase and install my solar panels?

The simple answer is yes. There are many things to consider before you purchase your system. What size do you need? What components are required? How much room do you have for panels? These are just a few questions, but it is becoming easier to do it yourself with more resources to consult with the evolution of Solar Technology.

How much will a DIY solar system cost?

The 1,000k kits above cost anywhere from $1,500 – $3,300, and prices vary based on components included – panels, battery, charge controller, inverter, etc. In addition to these system parts, you will need racking for the batteries, cabling, etc. These can add up, so make sure you plan and price your system before purchasing.

Do you save money with solar panels?

Solar panels will save you money on your electric bills, depending on your location (peak sun hours) and what type of system you install.

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