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Website Tools

These are the top four tools I use to manage this website. They ensure my site is secure and fast! If you have any questions about them, email me at

  1. Kinsta® Premium Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Kinsta® Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

    Kinsta is my website host. As my website has evolved, so have the hosts I have used. Kinsta is the best Wordpress host I have used over the years. They use the latest tools, make my website incredibly fast, and their real-time customer service is second to none. The free documentation and training make them invaluable for me. If you are serious about your Wordpress website, you should be using Kinsta.

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  3. Perfmatters - The #1 Web Performance Plugin for WordPress
  4. Perfmatters - The #1 Web Performance Plugin for WordPress

    Perfmatters changed the game for me in website speed. Google demands a fast website, and I struggled to meet the requirements because I was not a developer. Now I can turn off all the scripts I don't want, defer images, set login security, and much more. This is a user-friendly plugin that greatly increases the speed of my website.

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  5. WPRocket for a FAST Wordpress Website!
  6. WPRocket for a FAST Wordpress Website!

    I use WPRocket and Perfmatters together. They have some of the same features, and together they offer all the features I need to meet Google's demands and make my website lightning fast. WPRocket is one of the most downloaded plugins for Wordpress on the internet for a reason.

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  7. Lasso
  8. Lasso

    There are many choices when managing affiliate links, and I've tried them all. Lasso allows me to manage my links and provides me with the best templates for conversions. One of the best features is the real-time notifications on broken links and out-of-stock items. This is a powerful affiliate plugin that saves me hours of work!

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