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Best 200 Watt Solar Panel

200-Watt solar panels
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Installation space is an important consideration when purchasing solar panels. If you decide to use 200-watt panels, you will take up half the space of 100-watt panels, and for those with space in their yard, boat, or RV, this is important.

For a long time, 100-watt panels were the most popular panels to use, but as technology advanced and costs have decreased, the use of 200-watt panels is becoming more common.

That being said, there are still more of the lower wattage panels on the market, although it is now not unusual to find the 200-watt solar panels in 12V and 24 Volt versions.

This article provides a list of the best 200-watt solar panels and kits currently available, and each list is followed by additional detail on the choices

Best 200 Watt Solar Panels

This is a list of the best 200-watt monocrystalline Solar Panels online based on reviews and customer feedback. They all have 4-5 stars and a good reputation in the solar industry.

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Additional Information

Consumer Feedback & Ratings

All of the panels in this article had 4-5 stars, and these ratings were 90% or higher of their total ratings. The exception is the SunGoldPower panels. SunGoldPower 4-5 star ratings were 86% of their total ratings.

At the time of this article, both the Renogy panels and the Newpowa 200W panels received the highest 4-5 star ratings. Both brands 4.7/5 stars and their 4 -5 star ratings were 92% of their total ratings.

Panel Specifications

Below is a comparison of general specifications, dimensions, weight etc.

If you are going to mount the panels on a boat or RV then a smaller panel like the Renogy panels might be your best bet, although they are heavier.

You might also want to consider a flexible panel if you have a curved roof or tight space.

The Renogy suitcase panels are also a good portable option if you want panels that you can transfer from RV to boat or just throw in the back of your car for a camping trip.

Slightly Less Than 200 Watt, 12V Solar Panels

The three solar panels below are all highly-rated panels used by RV’s, boaters, and those needing backup power when they are not near an electrical source.

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Best 200 Watt Solar Panel Kits

If you have decided that you would rather try a solar panel kit for your first adventure into solar and not buy all the components yourself, then there are a few 200-watt solar panel kits for you to consider.

Most of the kits provide 2 x 100W solar panels with the accessories needed to run a 200W system. The exception is the DOKIO fold-up panel.

I’ve also provided a comparison table so you can review the components that come with the kits. In addition to major components like batteries, inverters, chargers, etc., make sure you also order the cables, fuses, mounting brackets, etc., that you will need.

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