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Best 200 Watt Solar Panel

renogy 100 watt solar panel

Installation space is an important consideration when purchasing solar panels. If you decide to use 200-watt panels, you will take up half the space of 100-watt panels, and for those with limited space in their yard, boat, or RV, this is important.

For a long time, 100-watt panels were the most popular panels to use, but as technology advanced and costs have decreased, the use of 200-watt panels is becoming more common.

That being said, there are still more of the lower wattage panels on the market, although it is now not unusual to find the 200-watt solar panels in 12V and 24 Volt versions.

This post describes what I consider the best 200W solar panels and kits currently available.

SolarKnowHow does not recommend Eco-worthy products so you will not find reviews for these solar panels and solar panel kits here.

Panel Types

If you are going to mount your panels on a boat or RV then a smaller panel like the Renogy panels might be your best bet, although they are heavier.

You might also want to consider a flexible panel if you have a curved roof or tight space.

The Renogy suitcase panels are also a good portable option if you want panels that you can transfer from RV to boat or just throw in the back of your car for a camping trip.

Best 200 Watt +/- Solar Panels

Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Very good efficiency and performance
  • Performs well in low light conditions
  • Plenty of pre-drilled holes for installation
  • Packaging and shipping are sometimes an issue
  • Pricing changes often so check Amazon and Renogy before purchasing
  • Price
Shop Amazon Shop Renogy

Renogy makes one of the most well-known solar panels on the market right now. This well-made solar panel is popular with the DIY group, whether it be off-grid cabins, boats, RV’s, etc.

Reviews and feedback on Renogy panels consistently provide “above expectations” as far as performance and efficiency.

Renogy does struggle with shipping and packaging though, so make sure you closely inspect your solar panels as soon as you receive them. I also want to mention that if you want to receive your panels sooner and in better good condition, consider ordering them from They have great customer service and are located here in the U.S.

Features: IP65 waterproof junction box, IP67 Connections, Output MC4 solar connector leads, Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, Mounting Holes, No hot-spot heating guaranteed, Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade, positive output tolerance (0-3%), withstands high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa), Dimensions: 64.96 x 26.38 x 1.38 inches, Weight: 26.5 pounds, Warranty: 25-year power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate 5-year material and workmanship warranty


  • Very good efficiency and performance
  • Performs well in low light conditions
  • Well-made panels that are easy to install


  • Poor packaging and shipping
  • Pricing changes a lot so check both Amazon and the Renogy site before purchasing

These panels by Rich Solar can charge 12 or 24-volt batteries. These are often the panels purchased by Renogy owners when price is important. Some owners state you are getting the same quality panel for less money.

The panels are easy to mount with 14 pre-drilled holes, more than any other panel. If you live in Ontario, CA you can stop by their plant and pick up your panels. Rich guarantees 2 hours from the time you place your order. This is one way to make sure your panels are not damaged!

Features: Produces 5.36 Amps, Charges 12 or 24 volt, 3′ cable with IP67 connectors, IP65 waterproof junction box, Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, 14 Mounting Holes, Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade, withstands bad weather conditions, Dimensions: 58.7” x 26.8” x 1.4 inches, Weight: 26.5 pounds, Warranty: 25-year power output warranty: 5-year material and workmanship warranty


  • Well-made, durable, good performance/efficiency
  • Good customer service, responsive
  • Well-made panels that are easy to install


  • Users report panel seems heavier than stated
  • Also seems to have consistent shipping issues, so check panels closely

Newpowa actually has the highest review ratings of these three. They also receive very high marks for efficiency, even in shady conditions. They are also the lowest-priced panels of the three panels listed here.

The only opportunities for these panels include a shorter workmanship and materials warranty, and a frame that is not quite as durable as the other two panels listed. This said, the panels have very similar features and specifications, making them a very good solar panel for a good price.

Features: 3′ cable with MC4 connectors and IP65 junction box, Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, Pre_drilled Mounting Holes, Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade, withstand bad weather conditions, withstands high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa), Dimensions: 64.57*26.57*1.38 inches, Weight: 31.3 pounds, Warranty: 25-year power output warranty: 2-year material and workmanship warranty


  • Impressive efficiency and performance for this price point panel
  • Responsive customer service
  • Well-made panels that are easy to install


  • 2-year workmanship and materials warranty vs 5 years for competitors
  • As with others, shipping continues to be a challenge so check panels as soon as you receive them.

Best 200 Watt +/- Solar Panel Kits

If you have decided that you would rather try a solar panel kit for your first adventure into solar and not buy all the components yourself, then there are a few 200-watt solar panel kits for you to consider.

Most of the kits provide 2 x 100W solar panels with the accessories needed to run a 200W system. T

In addition to major components like batteries, inverters, chargers, etc., make sure you also order the cables, fuses, mounting brackets, etc., that you will need.

This solar kit is great for an installation that requires more compact components – RV, Boat, Van, Small off-grid cabin, etc. It is not as comprehensive as some others, but the components you receive are quality-made. Renogy constructs good solar panels and the MPPT charge controller receives good feedback.

The MPPT Rover Charge Controller is a 40A and can detect 12V/24V set-ups. Although the connectors seem small, they function fine for this size system.

You will need a battery, fuses, cables, inverter, etc., but this kit is noted for how easy it is to use, and it is basically plug and play.

Keep in mind that you will need to add MC4 connectors if you want to wire the panels in parallel.

Features: 21% High solar cell efficiency, Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa), Renogy ROVER 40A MPPT solar charge controller, 12V or 24V DC system voltages, Protections – prevents battery overcharge, over-voltage, discharge, short circuit, reversed polarity, Pre-drilled holes, Plug&Play cables, supports 3 types of batteries: lithium, lead-acid, gel, 5-year warranty, Weight: 14.3lbs, Dimensions: 42.4 X 20.0 X 1.38 in

Included: 2x100W Monocrystalline Solar Panels, 1x40A MPPT Charge Controller, Mounting Z Brackets and screws, Solar Y branch connectors, 20ft 10AWG Solar Panel Connectors Adaptor Kit* 1 Pair, 8ft 8AWG Tray Cables* 1 Pair


  • Durable, good quality panels
  • Good efficient performance as advertised
  • Easy panels to install and set-up


  • Directions often left out, and hard to understand
  • Poor packaging and shipping damage complaints

You can also check out the less expensive 200W Solar Panel Kit with the PWM Wanderer Charge Controller, which is listed below.

Make sure you consider for the PWM kit. If you are recent to solar, their customer service and fast ship times (they are located in Nevada) are unmatched.

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