The Best 300-Watt Solar Panels & Kits for RVs, Boats, Cabins – Guide

The best 300-watt solar panels and kits for RVs, Boats and Cabins are often purchased by off-grid DIY enthusiasts.  There are many sizes and options to choose from, but 300-watt panels and kits are often the next step for beginners that have advanced past the sizes below.

While you can build your own 300-watt system, consider a kit if you are new to solar panel systems, or if you want to make sure you purchase the correct components and hardware to support a 300-watt system.  You can always add-on components if needed (batteries, inverter, additional panels, etc.)

How Much Energy Does a 300 Watt Solar Panel Produce?

The amount of power a 300-watt solar panel can produce really depends on three main factors.

  • Amount of sunlight received
  • Efficiency of the solar panel
  • Size of the Panel

In direct sun for one hour, a 300-watt solar panel will generate 300 watt hours (.3kHw) of electricity.  This result is of course under perfect conditions, and we know those don’t occur. You only have direct sunlight for a limited number of hours, and weather can have an impact.

A realistic example of how much energy we will get from a 300-watt panel can be obtained with an irradiation map.  Take a look at the map below.  This map tells us how many kwH of power is received from 1 kwH of solar power in different states.

I’ll use South Carolina as an example.  SC receives 4 kwH of power.  Since we are using a 300-watt solar panel I’ll multiply this by .3.  A 300-watt solar panel in SC will provide approximately 1.2 daily kwH of power.

Irradiation Map for Western Hemispher

What Can a 300-Watt Solar Panels Run?

What you can run with a 300-watt solar panel depends on the appliances you plan to use, and the efficiency of your equipment.  Planning your system prior to purchasing your panels, batteries, inverters, etc., is important, especially if you have a limited budget and a small amount of space for equipment.

As mentioned above, the amount of power that finally ends up at your batteries or appliances is impacted by how efficient the components are in your system. An inverter is probably about 90% efficient, and charge controllers are probably 70% – 80% efficient, if not less. All of this needs to be taken into consideration.

What to Consider When Purchasing Your panels or kit?

Solar panels and kits are not a small expense.  When considering the purchase, there are several factors to keep in mind.

Customer Service & Reviews – Check the reviews on the panels you are purchasing.  Reviews are a good source of feedback on the customer service you will receive.

Warranties – Panels usually come with a warranty that is two parts – performance and product.  Performance guarantees a certain % of degradation over a certain period of time.  Product guarantees against workmanship and manufacturing defects. The may range from 10 – 25 years.

Technical – There are, of course, the specifications, durability ratings, water resistant junctions, and materials to consider before making the purchases.

300-Watt Solar Panels and Solar Kit Options

Renogy 300 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit

Renogy 300-Watt Solar Panel Kit

Renogy makes a popular 300-watt kit.  The system is made for off-grid use and includes monocrystalline panels with corrosion-resistant, aluminum frames for outdoor use.  A charge controller is included, but you will need to purchase your own batteries.

Current reviews consist of four and five-star reviews comprising 88% of the total reviews.

Kit Includes

  • 100 Watt (3) 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Adventurer Li 30A PWM Flush Mount Charge Controller
  • Mounting Z Brackets
  • Cable and Connectors
  • Optional Component Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module
  • Renogy Cable Entry Housing


  • Good customer service and technical support
  • 25 Year Output Warranty (excluding charge controller)/5 Year materials/workmanship
  • Quality solar panels


  • No fuses or battery
  • Better written instruction

DOKIO 300 Watts 12 Volts Portable Foldable Solar Panel Monocrystalline Kit

Dokio 300-Watt Solar Monocrystalline Panel

The DOKIO 300-watt panel is portable and lightweight at only 16.5 pounds.  This is a great off-grid panel for camp or when you need a backup power source with the ability to power multiple appliances and devices. Easy to store and carry, it is where it should be when you need it most.

Four and five-star reviews comprise 77% of the total reviews.

Kit Includes

  • 1 DOKIO 300 Watt Solar Panel
  • 1 DOKIO Waterproof Bag
  • 1 DOKIO 20A Controller
  • 3 Cables
  • 5 DC Plugs


  • Lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver
  • High efficiency monocrystalline solar cell
  • Solar Charger has 2 USB ports


  • Lightweight and moves easily in windy conditions
  • Grommets on fabric not overly durable
  • I could not locate a warranty either on the DOKIO site or with Amazon

WindyNation 300 Watt (3pcs 100 Watt) Polycrystalline 12V Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit 

Windynation 300-watt solar panel kit

The WindyNation 300-Watt Solar Panel Kit supplies all the primary components needed for off-grid energy.  Unlike some of the other kits, it supplies a few more of the accessories, like 40 feet of AWG Solar Cable.

Four and five-star reviews comprise 80% of the total reviews.

Kit Includes

  • 3 100-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panels
  • 30A Solar Charge Controller with LCD and battery sensor
  • 40 feet of AWG Cable
  • Necessary connectors for wiring
  • 12 Mounting Bracket and Fastener Sets


  • Components needed to get started, to include additional hardware
  • Charge Controller has LCD Screen


  • No battery included
  • Still need some supporting hardware like fuses

ACOPOWER 300W All Black Mono Polycrystalline Solar RV Kit

Acopower Polycrystalline Solar Panel Kit

Acopower provides a comprehensive 300-watt solar panel kit for all of your off-grid needs.  Like Windynation, they provide quite a bit of additional cabling and a quality charge controller.  They also have an excellent, professional website and an easy-to-find warranty on their product.

There were only 9 reviews but all were five-star so 100%.

Kit Includes

  • 3PCS All Black Mono Solar Panel
  • 1PC 30A Charge Controller
  • 3Sets Mounting Z Bracket
  • 1PC 30ft 12AWG PV Cable
  • 1PC 8FT 8AWG Tray Cable
  • 1PC Cable Entry Housing
  • 2 Pair MC4 Branch Connectors


  • Easy to find the 25-Year solar panel and 1-Year component warranty
  • Good looking all-black panels
  • Comprehensive Kit package


  • No battery included

Additional 300-Watt Solar Kit Considerations

There are always considerations when purchasing a solar kits or creating your own. Below are a few additional thoughts.

  • If you are using a 24-volt solar panel, and using a PWM charge controller, consider a 24-volt battery bank to maximize the panel’s power. If you have a 12-volt system in place, you can use a MMPT charge controller to maximize the charging of a 12-volt battery.
  • These kits don’t include batteries or inverters, but there are some that do offer a battery option. This is included when you click on the specifications button.
  • Ensure you have all the hardware you need during your planning. Fuses, cabling, brackets, and other hardware used to mount the panels may only be partially included in the kits or not included at all in some instances.


If you need 300-watt solar panels or kits, there are many options for off-grid living.  Remember that planning your system is essential.  Ensure you know your power requirements and understand the space you have to use before making your selections.

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