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Black Friday Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Charge Controllers, etc. | Solar Know How

Cyber Monday Sale on SolarKnowHow

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Black Friday

Although Black Friday usually falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday deals often begin dropping the week before Thanksgiving.

Checking sales the week before Thanksgiving or at the beginning of Thanksgiving week often ensure you get the items you want.

Prices on these “Pre-Black Friday” items are sometimes the same or not markedly different from the prices you may see on Black Friday Items.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is often an extension of the deals and discounts you see on Black Friday and Thanksgiving week.

While there are additional deals, often on electronics, much of the desired inventory has been purchased during Black Friday or Black Friday week.

Cyber Monday often extends into “Cyber Monday Week,” which then extends into “Holiday Sales.”

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