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Is Kinsta Worth it?

I remember the day I decided it was time to determine my own future and work for myself.

As an executive, I spent more time on a plane or in a hotel than I did at home. I was sitting in O’Hare in Chicago, going on hour 21, and watching the rain pour down as I waited for my next flight.

I was exhausted, and Friday was now Saturday. It was then I decided it was time to take the leap.

E-Commerce and marketing are computer-intensive, but I did not have a technical background and would no longer have an IT team.

I already had a couple of hobby websites that limped along, but starting a business with the support I needed was a whole other ballgame.

The first thing I did was begin looking for a better host. I wanted to play in the big league without all of the big league prices, and that is when I found Kinsta.

Why Kinsta…

I’ll keep my testimonial short since Kinsta will be happy to tell you how wonderful they are themselves. You can also see how much better they are than their main competitor WP Engine, and their points are valid.

I needed three main things for success.

  1. Speed – Both I and Google required a fast website.
  2. Reliability – My websites needed to be up all the time. I didn’t want down time.
  3. Support – I needed a patient Host that would not only teach me but offer continuous support.


When I moved my websites to Kinsta’s platform the increase in site speed was noticeable. When Google’s algorithm changes began focusing on page speed, this was important.


My websites needed to stay up with minimal involvement on my part. I don’t have a technical background and did not want to pay for developers. I have had no downtime other than that caused by me, although I will say I’m getting better!


I’m not kidding or exaggerating when I say I have used no customer support better than Kinsta’s. They answer my questions 24/7 and they handled all my website migrations for free.

Also, their documentation is unmatched. It has been like going to school. They answer all my questions and provide detailed documentation on just about any question I have.

Final Thoughts

I would not be managing five websites now if it was not for Kinsta’s support. It is like having my own IT team. Kinsta makes managing my own business easy.

The knowledge I have gained from Kinsta has been invaluable. I can now have intelligent conversations with IT professionals on technical topics and provide good direction when I need to make changes.

If you want a host that is going to give you peace of mind and offer unmatched support then take a look at Kinsta.

This site uses affiliate links, which means that when you click on one I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. I recommend Kinsta as a host because I use Kinsta and I believe that the services they offer are the best you can find right now. Thank you.

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