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Is Kinsta Worth it?

“Is Kinsta Worth it?” Without a doubt – YES.

Using Kinsta to host my websites is the best business decision I’ve made in quite some time. I pay a little more, but I firmly believe that I get what I pay for and then some.

I am an avid KINSTA FAN, and let me tell you why.

I’ve used many other less expensive hosts – Bluehost, Namecheap, GoDaddy, Gator, etc., and none of them hold a candle to Kinsta!

The reasons are simple.

  • Speed
  • Support
  • Education/Resources
  • Technology
  • Support
  • Speed

If this sounds interesting, check out some more of their features and make your own decision. Kinsta covers all the bases.

Why Do I personally Use Kinsta?

My sites are significantly faster on Kinsta. I’ve purchased sites from other owners, only to have them remark on the speed difference when I migrate their site to Kinsta.

One of the first Kinsta articles I read was “How to speed up my WordPress site!”


Support sets Kinsta apart. They are the most responsive Host I have used and have 24/7 chat that allows me to reach them instantly. It does not matter what time of day or night I reach out; I get a technician – a GOOD knowledgeable technician, and not a new hire or third party that got stuck on the night shift.

Below are the most recent issues they have helped me with.

  • Migrating other websites for FREE
  • Filters in Google to stop bad BOT traffic in Google Analytics
  • Migrating Gmail accounts
  • Recommending free security measures unprompted
  • Steps to correct Cache issues when rolling out website changes
  • Search and Replace for database errors (They provide this tool)

These are just issues within the last 3 weeks. Kinsta will probably tell you my list is much longer! 🙂

Speed & Performance

Over the past 3 weeks, I have purchased two websites. The first migration took Kinsta 30 minutes to complete. I requested the migration in the morning and they finished the migration that same afternoon!

The second migration was requested on Sunday and completed on Monday – the first business day.

Both migrations were seamless with no issues, and site speed noticeably increased on both websites.

I’ve had other hosts take a minimum of a week, and one of the Big Name Hosts even migrated my site to a “sister company” where they could not find the site AND were unable to set up a landing page advising of on-going work. That was painful!

Supporting Kinsta’s performance is cutting-edge technology for which they have received awards.

Much of this is more than I understand, but developers and IT teams will definitely appreciate the features.

Kinsta University

I call Kinsta “Kinsta University.” I have no technical background and limited skills, but it does not matter. Not only have they been able to answer every question I have ever asked quickly, but they are patient. I have learned more in my year with Kinsta than in my prior 10 years of muddling around the internet.

Kinsta’s resources and articles are unmatched. They are well-written and easy to follow. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the resources are USEFUL, clear and insightful.

I don’t know how many times I’ve reached out to them with a problem or question that had NOTHING to do with Kinsta. Instead of shrugging and saying they couldn’t help me, I received a detailed article that THEY had already written on the subject.

If I had questions about the articles, they provided the explanations I needed.

Only Technical Affiliate Partner

Let me take a moment to say I have no other affiliate programs with HOST companies, nor will I. I have one HOST affiliate program, and it is with Kinsta. I use them and know JUST HOW GOOD THEY ARE!

So many websites have articles on the “Top 10 Hosts” and “Best Host,” but there is no better host so I just list Kinsta. Why would I recommend others if I know this is the best one to use for WordPress sites.

If you have not heard of Kinsta, check them out. This premium hosting provider is head and shoulders above the others!

Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, Kinsta stands behind their Hosting service. With no complicated long-term contracts, Kinsta provides a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not an immediate fan like me, ask for your money back.

If you are serious about your WordPress website Host, and speed, knowledge, and support are important to you, you should take a closer look at Kinsta.

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