Battery Reconditioning Review – Does it work?

E Z Battery Reconditioning – This “Secret” is being used every day in Kuje

If you are a solar enthusiast or you have an RV, you know that batteries are an essential part of our lives.

Since 2014, my family and I have been living in Kuje, a small town in Nigeria. As you may guess, the power situation there is very bad. If you have an electric power supply for 4 hours a day, every day in a week, then you celebrate. You can easily go for 4 days without power from the grid.

To make a long story short, when we first got to Kuje, a company gave us 4 200AH deep cycle batteries. When I tested them, they were reading about 10volts. I charged them and as soon as I loaded them, they would be discharged. So I decided to trash them.

To my surprise, some guy came and offered to buy them. I asked him what he was going to do with them. He told me he would recondition them and sell them again. I was surprised.  I sold them to him and he was very happy. He told me that I should call him whenever I have these types of batteries.

Since then I have been wondering how he reconditioned the batteries and then I stumbled on the EZ Battery Reconditioning. Now it makes total sense.

This method is being used every day in third world countries where things are never dumped. I am a witness to the fact that these methods revealed in the video work. I have seen the batteries reconditioned, and I have also used them.

How much work is involved?

Watch this short video to see how much work is involved. It works, and I have done it a few times!