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Goal Zero 100W Mono Solar Panel | SoSolarKnowHow

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If you are looking for a 100 watt portable solar panel, with good reviews and high efficiency then look no further than the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel. It is a black solar panel and a favorite for many users of the Yeti solar Generator by the same company.

The Boulder 100 portable solar panel is designed to charge the Yeti Solar Generators without the need for other accessories.

It has a stand that allows you to position it directly at the sun! The design of the Boulder 100 is rugged enough to have it installed. I do not expect anyone to buy it for a fixed installation because there are other 100 watt solar panels that are equally efficient but not portable. If you are interested in buying solar panels to be installed on your roof, the consider the other options.

Technical Specifications

  • Solar Port (blue, 8mm): 14-22V, up to 7A (100W max).
  • Rated Power: 100W.
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 18-20V.
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline.
  • Weight: 20.1 lbs (9.1 kg).
  • Dimensions: 40.0 x 26.75 x 1.75 in (101.6 x 70 x 4.4 cm).
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Boulder 100 is an all-black solar panel. These panels are newer in the market. They seem to look better when installed but in my humble opinion, most people are not to worried about the looks of their solar panels. Nonetheless, the Boulder 100 watts solar panel still delivers 90 -110 watts of power when the sun is directly on it.

Removable Kickstand

Take note that the Kickstand of the Boulder 100 is removable. If you are planning to keep your panel on a roof for a couple of months, then all you need to do is remove the kickstand and purchase some mounting brackets to install it. You can then uninstall it, reconnect the kickstand and take it on the road again.

Size Issues

40inches (1 meter) may sometimes be too long to carry around. If that is the case, the is a briefcase version of the Boulder 100. It is more expensive but definitely more portable. I highly recommend the briefcase version of the Boulder 100


Goal Zero as a company is a veteran in the portable solar generator industry! The Boulder 100 watt is a very good product. It is more expensive than the regular solar panel, but you have to pay something for portability.

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